Urbemis 9.2.4 is shipping!!

What's new in 9.2.4 (click the bar)
The big news is that the first plugin for Urbemis 2007 is now available, and is part of the installation program for version 9.2.4. A plugin is a module (a .dll file) that contains functionality that will be merged into the Urbemis 2007 program. This first plugin (Urbemis.Equipment.dll) allows the user to create and save Named Equipment Lists. Version 9_2_4 also corrects several bugs. The list of changes can be viewed by clicking Changes in 9.2.4.
Named Equipment Lists
The first plugin available for Urbemis 2007 is a utility for creating Named Equipment Lists. A 'Named Equipment List' is a file that lists individual pieces of construction equipment that can be assigned to a project's construction phase. Each 'Named Equipment List' file has a file extension of .equip. An equipment list can be assigned to any phase of any construction project. Click this link: Named Equipment Lists to learn more about Named Equipment Lists.
Available Plugins
New functionality can be added to Urbemis 2007 simply by adding new modules (.dll files) and telling Urbemis 2007 to load those modules. There is a simple text file that dictates which .dll files will be loaded when Urbemis 2007 starts. It is possible to remove a plugin module by commenting out (or deleting) a line in this text file. To learn more about Urbemis 2007's plugin architecture, click Plugin Architecture.
Web Services Example
The Windows version of Urbemis 2007 will serve as the baseline as we move into developing Web based versions of Urbemis. Due to the complexity and sheer number of equations involved in the system, it was important to initially work in the 'closed' environment of Windows and the .Net development system. However, we always had our sights set on allowing Urbemis to run from web servers and to provide a mechansim for Urbemis to be a part of a 'chain' of applications. To view an example of making an Urbemis run via a web services call, click Web Services Example Page. Note that this is a link to the www.urbemis.org web site.

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Urbemis 2007 for Windows

Version 9.2.4 is Now Available

Software used to calculate air emissions from land use sources

URBEMIS 2007, version 9.2.4 is now available. The model has been rewritten in Microsoft .Net and offers many new features. The model's format has been revised to make it easier to use. When starting URBEMIS, seven steps are shown to guide the user from start to finish.

The model uses the California Air Resources Board's EMFAC2007 model for on-road vehicle emissions and the OFFROAD2007 model for off-road vehicle emissions. Two new pollutants have been added: PM2.5 and carbon dioxide. Construction phases can now be added and removed by the user, and phases can overlap. The Construction report for daily emissions is displayed as a series of 'time slices' that represent emissions associated with overlapping and non overlapping phases. The time slice that represents the maximum emissions for each pollutant is underlined for easy recognition. Area Source and Operational data entry forms have been redesigned for easier data input. Mitigation measure control efficiencies have also been updated.

For a list of URBEMIS 2007 improvements, please follow this link: URBEMIS 2007

To view the FAQ for this new model, please follow this link: FAQ URBEMIS v9.2.x

And to download the software, please follow this link: URBEMS 2007 v9.2.4