Urbemis 2007 for Windows

Version 9.2

Urbemis 2007 version 9.2.0 was released in June, 2007. The major enhancements for this version include:

  • Improved appearance and organization of URBEMIS to make it easier and more intuitive for the novice user while providing more options for the power user.
  • Fixed bugs discovered in version 8.7.
  • Uses EMFAC2007 emission factors (for on-road mobile sources).
  • Allows the user to select air basin and county specific EMFAC and default files.
  • Uses OFFROAD2007 emission factors (for off-road mobile sources).
  • Allows all construction phases to overlap.
  • Allows the user to specify additional construction phases.
  • Enhanced procedure for estimating and mitigating architectural coating emissions.
  • Refined estimates of default construction equipment based on data collected by the air districts.
  • Improved reporting capabilities, including selectable emission estimates, plus reporting for two additional pollutants: PM2.5 and CO2.

Urbemis 2007 version 9.2.2 was released in September, 2007. It added wood stove rules for San Joaquin Valley, and corrected bugs that were found in 9.2.0.

Urbemis 2007 version 9.2.4 was release in February, 2008. This version included a new plugin for Named Equipment Lists and corrected several errors found in 9.2.2

Version 9.2.4 is available on this web site under the Download Software menu item, or click here to jump directly to that page.